Judy Clark

Many years ago your teaching helped me to get through very intense, and for me, terrifying radiation treatment for colon cancer. I was so frightened. My subconscious mind was littered with irrational fears of doctors, hospitals, treatments. I was having so much trouble trusting the doctors etc. that my oncologist likened me to a feral cat at the time. But I had stage III colon cancer – I HAD to trust them all. At that point I had begun chemotherapy and that was going well, but I was terrified of the impending radiation treatment. The machine. I thought for sure someone was going to screw up or the machine would malfunction and fry my insides. I had read that they didn’t even usually give colon cancer patients radiation as there are too many vital organs in the way. But it was my only hope for survival. One of the truths you taught me was to picture everything going well – the doctors, the machine, my body – if I could hold that in my mind, my subconscious would have to listen eventually. It really did work. It got me through with much less fear and very few side effects. I also read the books you suggested (Genevieve Behrend and Napoleon Hill), watched you on TV, and put the positive thinking tools to work. It not only eased my fears of the radiation machine, but I believe it helped my body to heal and help me to live happily in my new normal of life after cancer diagnosis.

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